Welcome to the MTA Karate Academy!

Welcome to the official MTA Karate where Excellence is Standard and Education and Academic Achievement is the Power!

The MTA Karate Academy has two locations in Fayetteville, NC,  has additional locations in Grays Creek NC and Annapolis, MD.  We are members of the WMTA,  USGTSDA, WDU and AAU.

Many of our students compete on the National and State level and are State and National Champions.

MTA Code

We are a Black Belt School, karate is our way of life. Self development through discipline, patience and perseverance leading to self-mastery. We will never misuse our karate, for our way is non-violent. We are drug free. We pay respect to parents, teachers and adults. We are Champions of freedom and justice. We will build a more perfect world. sogo hay sam nidad tang soo!