December 18, 2014 Promotions

December 18, 2014 MTA Promotion and Christmas Party

MTA Karate 12-18-14


Congratulations to the following students on their recent promotion.  They all have demonstrated the required level of proficiency for promotion to their respective new rank.


Congratulations to all of our MTA students on their commitment and dedication to the study of Tang Soo Do!! 


Gold Belt

  1. Brendan Wertz
  2. Llana Snapp
  3. Nyla Hales
  4. Ethan Holland MTA GC
  5. Carlos Cubas
  6. Jason Cubas
  7. Jake Parson MTA GC

Orange Belt

  1. Paul Blue
  2. Durrell Babbs
  3. Julius Brown
  4. Ezioma Nnorom
  5. Noah Hazen
  6. Tyler Newlan MTA GC
  7. Sam Parsons MTA GC
  8. Caleb Peeples MTA GC
  9. O’Shea Shephard
  10. Brook Walden
  11. Griffin Cardona
  12. Rhea Patel
  13. Bella Ross
  14. Carlos Townsend

Green Belt

  1. Gracie Parson MTA GC

Brown Belt

  1. Claire Burke
  2. Zesarus McClendon
  3. Nathaniel Riepe
  4. Gabriella Surles

Red Belt

  1. Gabriel Cruz
  2. David Surles

Cho Dan Bo

  1. Giuliana Brown
  2. Caden Ketchman
  3. Will Parsons

Cho Dan

  1. Caira Allen
  2. Mikaela Jefferson
  3. Savvy Shorts

EE Dan

  1. Lakeith Riddick

Sam Dan

  1. Jade Mobley MTA Hampton, Va.

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