About MTA Karate Academy

Service: Traditional Martial Arts Training for children ages 4 and up.

Most martial arts have become so commercialized that they are no longer considered an art form. We, at the MTA Karate Academy refuse to allow our program to lose sight of its fundamental goal. That goal is to help our students develop happiness and functional capability and to train our students toward a more idealistic philosophy of the principles necessary to create harmony in our world. We teach our students to:

  1. Be loyal to one’s country
  2. Be obedient to parents and elders
  3. Honor friendship
  4. Face combat only in justice and with honor
  5. Never retreat in battle
  6. Pursue academic excellence

Traditional martial arts training begins with the student developing a solid understanding the concept of respect. Martial arts training reinforces core values and builds character through discipline, patience and perseverance. I have studied martial arts at the MTA Karate Academy for over 10 years. The MTA Karate Academy is recognized as one of the strongest Tang Soo Do schools in the area. We are a member of the US Goodwill Tang Soo Do Union, The AAU, the International Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association and the World Dang Soo Do Federation.

MTA students must develop good teaching skills and strategies as part of their black belt training. We are encouraged to work with special populations by both teaching Tang Soo Do to special needs students and by doing volunteer work with special populations.  We have several special needs students training with us, many of whom are State and/or National champions.  We have made our Tang Soo Do classes readily available at the Gilmore Therapeutic recreation center.

The MTA Karate academy encourages academic achievement and recognizes students that have made the A-B honor roll by authorizing them to wear the academic achiever badge on their uniform.

MTA students not only receive training in self-defense but are also taught to speak Korean to the extent that they would need it in a dojang, they are also taught the history of Korea and China, geometry and physics as these various academic disciplines relate to Tang Soo Do.   Students have clearly defined, measurable objectives that must be completed for each promotion.  Students must be a member of the MTA Karate Academy to get promoted.  Membership is not required to train.  However, students will need to wear loose fitting clothing that fits well enough to not be a safety issue.

Students training under my supervision will have the opportunity to become full members of the MTA Karate Academy and receive all of the rights and privileges inherent in that membership.  This includes attending tournaments and membership in the World Dang Soo Do Association, Martial Arts Training Alliance, US Goodwill Tang Soo Do Assoc., International Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association and the AAU (additional fees required for AAU membership)