Dojang Etiquette

  1. Bow upon entering and leaving the Dojang.
  2. Do not engage in loud conversation or disruptive activities.
  3. Students should always remain silent when watching or participating in forms or sparring.
  4. Do not wear watches or jewelry into the Dojang.
  5. Do not chew gum or use tobacco products in the Dojang.
  6. Wear a clean properly marked uniform with the appropriate belt.
  7. Avoid drinking water, click use water only to wash your mouth out during training.
  8. Students should make an effort to notify the instructor in advance if an absence is anticipated.
  9. Students should learn and use proper Dojang terminology.
  10. When seated on the floor, purchase students should silt with good posture, hands should be placed on the knees, the back should be straight and the legs should be crossed in front with the feet tucked beneath the thighs.
  11. If a student needs to be recognized, the student should raise their hand and wait to be recognized by the instructor or senior student. Students should bow to the instructor, senior student or opponent.
  12. When responding to an instructor or senior student the student should say “yes sir or no sir” as appropriate.