• At what age can my child join start taking classes at MTA Karate Academy?

Service:  Traditional Martial Arts Training for children ages 4 and up. 

  • Is this program only for children?

While most of our students are children, purchase we have several adults who train with us.

  • What are the costs associated with this program?

$40.00             Monthly fee
$50.00             Uniform and Membership in MTA Karate Academy (one time membership)
$30.00             Promotion fee
$100.00           Sparring Gear (optional)

To become an MTA member, the student simply has to purchase a uniform at the cost of $50.00.  The uniform purchase includes a one time membership fee. Once the student has purchased a uniform, they will never need to renew their membership with the MTA Karate Academy again and will always remain a member of the MTA Karate Academy Parks and Recreation program. 

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

NO!  Enrollment is on a month to month basis.

  • Is my child required to have a uniform?

Your child is not required to wear a uniform to attend class.  However, students will need to wear loose fitting clothing that fits well enough to not be a safety issue.

  • When will my child start sparring?

Your child may begin sparring when he or she becomes an orange belt.

  • When will my child get promoted?

Students have clearly defined, measurable objectives that must be completed for each promotion.  Students must be a member of the MTA Karate Academy to get promoted.  Membership is not required to train.

  • Does my child have to spar or compete in tournaments?

Students are not required to spar or attend tournaments, but are properly trained to do both if they choose to do so.  Tournament prices vary and students should only attend when their instructor has determined that they are prepared.

  • Has any student of MTA Karate Academy ever been injured?

No student has ever been injured during training with the MTA Karate Academy, nor has a student ever been injured at a tournament.