History of the MTA

The MTA Karate Academy is a world recognized Tang Soo Do School that operates under the auspices of Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation. We are currently located at two Park and Recreation Facilities in Fayetteville with additional locations in Grays Creek, NC and Annapolis. Md.  We specialize in teaching a carefully structured Martial Arts Program that is designed to accommodate both beginners and advanced students, young and old. Students are not only trained in the physical aspects of self-defense, but are also taught Korean terminology, history, and culture; they are taught self-defense as the science that it is, which exposes even the very young, to a minimal amount of physics and geometry.

We employ a serious, yet enjoyable approach to our study of traditional Tang Soo Do. We are a Moo Duk Kwan school, therefore our program is designed to build self-esteem, self-discipline, improve physical fitness, and build strong character. Our youth program encourages good conduct with a “Student of the Month” program, and promotes academic achievement by honoring all students that make the A and/or A/B Honor roll with authorization to wear the coveted MTA Karate Academy Academic Achiever Badge. All Students entering the program have an opportunity to advance through the rank system, from beginner to Black Belt, upon paying a one-time membership fee and promotion fees as they progress through the ranks.

In addition to the Student of the Month club, the MTA Karate Academy also has a Black Belt Club, an Exhibition Team, and a very strong Competition Team. The Black Belt and Exhibition Teams are open to students that excel in the study of the martial arts.

MTA Code of Ethics

“We are a Black Belt School; Karate is our way of life. Self-development through discipline, patience and perseverance leading to self-mastery. “We will never misuse our Karate for our way is non-violent. We are drug free. We always pay respect to parents, teachers and those in authority. We are Champions of freedom and Justice; we will build a more perfect world.” Soo Go Hae, Som Ni Da, Tang Soo!